eeg.services is a new platform that introduces a different kind of EEG related techniques to get better results than with the standard models now available, all in the palm of your hand.

The service offers a subscription to the NeuroCenter EEG analysis platform. You are able to perform all your analyses via this platform and won't have to invest thousands of Euro's/Dollars for a single analysis package.

NeuroCenter EEG offers a number of analyses (increasing different analysis modalities ongoing) for EEG data, and its all automated! No more sifting through tons of data, stuck at the desk for hours or have a nurse perform the analysis for days at an end.

This is all done via a on-line platform and offers a 24/7 service in analysing data recorded by you, the user. The use of the platform can be activated by downloading the NeuroCenter EEG app for a tablet, phone or other device running Android, iOS, Linux and Windows apps.

By downloading the NeuroCenter EEG app you will get access to the eeg.services platform. From here you are able to activate your subscription. An e-mail will be send to you with an activation code. After using the code your “passport” is validated and you are now able to login to the your personal eeg.services portal. Create more time for your patients with eeg.services.

eeg.services saves time and money, time that you are now able to invest in your patients!

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Performing your analysis

The eeg.services platform makes use of the NeuroCenter EEG software package. NeuroCenter EEG is a highly flexible analysis software package including a variety of analytical tools for routine and continuous EEG while also used within ICU and OR enviroments. This online package combines special visualization features to offer you a quick scan of the most interesting information recorded. It is developed in such a manner that people with limited knowledge of EEG are now also able to perform routine tasks for a good analysis.

Securedata transmission

Your data is as important to us as it is to you. This is why we provide the highest security for our storage centres. eeg.services online storage acts like an online vault for your files, meaning you alone have complete control over who accesses them. Our cloud storage creates comprehensive backups of your information. The archive function allows you to recover anything that gets deleted by accident, safeguarding your files against any mishaps. Data stored in eeg.services data centres is fully guaranteed under the German data protection act (which just happens to be one of the strictest in the world) and is certified under ISO 270001.

Compatiblesoftware formats

The eeg.services platform is able to import and export in numerous software formats like: EDF+, OpenXDF, Matlab, Brainlab, ASCII, etc. In addition you are also able to upload and use your own custom analysis algorithms via the Matlab standard protocol.

"The viewer of NeuroCenter EEG software is neat and well-arranged, and gives the user many options to adjust to his/her own preferences in a user-friendly way. In addition many options for quantitative EEG analysis are included in the software package, which can especially be useful for monitoring in the OR and ICU. These analysis methods can easily be adjusted, and new analysis methods can be added by the user. Thereby, NeuroCenter EEG software is easy-to-use, flexible and convenient for both clinical and research purposes."

M. Tjepkema-Cloostermans, PhD


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